XU Expanding Universe

Munnelly John XU Expanding Universe

XU CD EP (Physical EP)

  • Limited Edition Numbered Art Work
  • One of a Kind Hand Painted Front Cover (painted & designed by meself)
  • No Cover Exactly The Same
  • Inner CD (Laser Printed)
  • Hand Printed Fanzine Style Insert With Complete Lyrics Insert
  • Back Side Contents, Copyrights, Details and Dedications

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XU Expanding Universe Digital EP Release

I am excira, delira and gratified from an artistic point of view to be releasing even more new music. This is my second release in May. The first was the stupendous rocker “Stupid Is As Stupid Does’ released as a single & digitally available everywhere for streaming and download on May Day.

Now comes a delicious acoustic treat – I wanted this to have a freshness, a just made feeling on it. Like they made what were known as records ‘back in the day’. And it was so fresh we nearly ran out of XLR cables to get all of that lively liveness into the engineering tubes and whatsits.

ALBUM: Expanding Universe ‘XU’
Artist: John Munnelly (that is meself)

AVAILABLE on digital format for the very first time:


Style: Singer Songwriter Acoustic Album
Featuring: Songs by John Munnelly
Genna Johnson (Backing Vocals & Expanding Universe “Oohs”)
Ray Parker on Upright Bass.
Recorded in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY with Peter Litvin as Producer & Engineer on a very fair January 2017.

So much has changed since though- a terrible beauty is born among us. Let’s thrive and win.

1.Expanding Universe
2. Hallelujah
3. Alien
4. Angels tears
5. Alchemist
6. Kings & Jesters

Arty Farty Limited Edition Numbered Hand Crafted Thingsys.
+ bonus material on some formats like the Arty CD production with the hand made limited edition cover and handcrafted fanzine cover. Bung me $10 bucks on paypal and I’ll send it to you. Cause it might be like that time I picked up the ‘Cranberry Saw Us’ first cassette demo in a thrift shop in Limerick (before they become The Cranberries)

So invest in the physical world and you might have some bragging rights or value in the long run.

No matter though it’s free online to stream so have at and play it now on Spotify.

All songs written by John Munnelly except #2 with John Blaylock and #3 With Donna LeBlanc

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The theory and scientific posit is that the Universe started from a single explosion of a concentrated source of energy. A starting point and everything moved out from that point of origin. Adam and Eve on a starburst flying with the snake as cosmic flight attendant…apple, apple, apple?

The Big Bang:
“The model describes how the universe expanded and the farther away galaxies are, the faster they are moving away from Earth. If we extrapolated backwards in time using the laws of physics, the prediction is that just before the big bang there was a time before time (a singularity)”

Ah John! C’mon! You’re losing us. Ye can’t be serious singing songs about physics.

Well fair enough, give it a listen it’s not about cosmology exactly but it’s not, not about it either.

Ah here! Ye are doing our heads in. We give in, where can we play the ting?

Play XU (Expanding Universe)