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Press Release PR for King of Cambridge 2016

For Immediate Release:

Irish Heart Foundation nominates Alan ‘King’ Kinsella for ‘Life after Stroke Award’

November 7th, 2015. DUBLIN, IRELAND

Alan ‘King’ Kinsella’s journey shows no sign of stopping.  The Dubliner from Irishtown who turned an unsuccessful FAI application into a positive experience has been nominated as a
candidate for ‘Life after Stroke Award’ with the Irish Heart Foundation. He received a certificate of recognition in acknowledgement of all his achievements.

” Somehow the Irish Heart Foundation has found us and
our story continues.” said Kinsella.

Kinsella raised up to 2000 EURO for Neurology for St. Vincent’s Hospital where he
receives rehabilitation after he had a stroke.  He has also produced a video and song for the Irish Soccer team’s road to France called “King of Cambridge” with over 5,000 hits to date on YouTube –

“We mainly use our soccer tumblr  to promote our mission.  We want our fans, readers and supporters to have fun and enjoy the tour.”

Should Ireland qualify for UEFA’s European Championship in France King intends to release a new recording of the song ‘King of Cambridge.’
“My team will set out our stall to propose the ‘King of Cambridge’  song as Ireland’s official Euro 2016         Anthem,” said Alan ‘King of Cambridge’ Kinsella

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EURO 2016 SONG FOR IRELAND, The ‘KING OF CAMBRIDGE’ is the Sound of the Irish Soccer Team’s Euro 2016 Soccer Campaign.

“Now is the time to get on board our journey to France not after we qualify.” – Alan ‘King of Cambridge’ Kinsella.

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For Immediate Release:

September 1,2014. DUBLIN, IRELAND – This is the Irishtown, Dublin and Ireland’s supporters song and sound for the Irish Soccer Team in the upcoming EURO 2016 Qualifiers which starts on September 7 vs. Georgia. EURO 2016 SONG FOR IRELAND – ‘KING OF CAMBRIDGE’ is the result of a number of events which started back in November 2013.

ALAN ‘KING OF CAMBRIDGE’ KINSELLA (who attained his TITLE during his schoolboy career playing for CAMBRIDGE BOYS FC 1975-1981) made a bold bid in November 2013 by APPLYING for the vacant REPUBLIC OF IRELAND MANAGER’S position following Trapattoni’s exit.

In early December the ‘King of Cambridge’ amazingly received an OFFICIAL FAI WRITTEN RESPONSE informing him of his unsuccessful bid for the manager’s position.

The FAI response sent shockwaves throughout the Ringsend/Irishtown Community. A local FLYER was produced outlining King’s story under the heading of IRISHTOWN SPORTS.

Suggestions in the meantime were raised in regards to arranging a CHARITY EVENT called KING KINSELLA’S WALK which was duly undertaken on May 5, 2014 in aid of ST. VINCENT’S FOUNDATION/NEUROLOGY, King Alan’s charity of choice. Alan himself suffered a stroke in 2013 and has since been inspired to help others. The Charity event raised just under E2000.

Words cannot describe our journey. It has been so uplifting for myself and my family. I want to do more to support the Irish team and most of all to support St. Vincent’s Hospital and its Neurology Department.” – Alan ‘King’ Kinsella

The King’s story was published in the April edition of ‘IRISH WORLD’ NEWSPAPER in USA, circulating mainly around Boston and New York.

A SECOND FLYER was subsequently published by IRISHTOWN SPORTS, continuing The King’s story and also featured other famous footballers from the Ringsend/Irishtown area.

“The ‘King of Cambridge’ is a passionate football enthusiast and his charity walk for St. Vincent’s Foundation Neurology is to be commended. I’ve been following the King’s story from abroad and it has made me smile and remember about the goodness and fun in Irish people.”
Kevin Grogan Republic of Ireland Under 16 EURO Winner 1998 and former Manchester United Youth Team.

While all of the above was taking King along his journey, the SONG AND VIDEO of EURO 2016 SONG FOR IRELAND was produced by John Munnelly and lyrics by Michael Behan. To date King’s song has over 3350 HITS on YOU TUBE.

In August 2014 the The King’s story was published in the local Ringsend/Irishtown newspaper ‘NEWS FOUR’ and Munnelly did a live launch of the song at an event in Irishtown House, Dublin 4.

Michael Behan,

Apt. No 5, The Pump House,
Londonbridge Road,
Dublin 4.
Republic of Ireland

Phone: 087 41 41 667

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