LaughJohnLaugh Comedian or Serious or What?

I have sometimes used the Moniker LaughJohnLaugh to do some of my less intense or serious work; but for my latest recording I am choosing my own name John Munnelly as the artist. I have operated and performed as LaughJohnLaugh but that raises some questions of it’s own – one in particular “am I a comedian?” or what is the story?

Well I don’t have to be either or – it can be both/and. There is part of our categorizing and editing selves that want a very simple story with no complications that they can process. Hes a comedian – hes an artist,  hes an actor – one can live a life and do many things – hence a term I feel is apt #YOLO  If there is something legal and it makes you happy and you want to do it – please go ahead and do it. You only Live once.

The stuff on this site are some of my #YOLO moments. Please have the courage in your life to leave less satisfactory situations to find better ones like in my song Did I leave the cubicle ( or did the cubicle leave me?) I don’t want to have to abandon my sense of humor or my intensity just to more comfortable fit a stereotype or random category. Come on in the water is lovely and there are sharks where you are at anyway.

Well when I proposed the change of my stage name ‘laughjohnlaugh’ to my friend in studio (who also has a stage name that he dropped. He said that with me it was ok to be LaughJohnLaugh because I was a comedian he thought I was funny – I said I wasn’t really a comedian – at least not on these “Hello World” recordings.

“Just cause people are laughing doesn’t mean you are a comedian”

is a very perspicacious quote I saw on a door in Los Angeles.

But comedian or not – watch out for my music videos they have a definite sense of fun.