Hello WORLD CD Music by John Munnelly aka ‘LaughJohnLaugh’


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ALL About my NEW Music collection called – Hello World by John Munnelly

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Hello World John Munnelly
CD release 2013 by John Munnelly aka LaughJohnLaugh ARTWORK by BlueBliss.com


#YOLO You Only Live Once

I was discussing my music & life with my wife ( as you do ) and it struck me that the term YOLO seems very apt descriptor to tie in the themes of my art and this Album.




Here is a video from the CD called Legends –



Track Titles for ‘Hello World’

  1. We should go blind
  2. People Die
  3. Nowhere Without You
  4. Legends
  5. Did I leave the cubicle ( or did the cubicle leave me)
  6. Make my move real soon
  7. Price of the medicine
  8. Disappointed Me
  9. Things Change
  10. Mess Up
  11. Father (whys it such a secret)