Christmas Appeal for your Support

Thanks for supporting my art throughout the past year. It’s been a very exciting year writing, producing, acting, releasing CDs, making videos, touring and playing shows. Hope you have enjoyed reading about my doings in the newsletter. It is great to be active & creative but I have not yet reached the stage where the effort and clear work I put in pays off the cost to do the work. So with gratitude for answered prayers I am seeking your support and generosity. DONATE

Happy Merry or Holy-  have a great Christmas always!

Happy Merry or Holy- have a great Christmas always!

I wish everyone a great Christmas and this ‘support-my-creativity’ message is for those who have the means and are seeking a way to support me, my -  art and soul work. A person in my life (purported to be my friend) and used to say I’d never earn a penny at music – such a horrible thing to say. Well I just earned 96c from my ASCAP royalties so hah! LOL  I’d like your help to silence the critic in and out and keep my ship afloat.  I am pushing forward into 2014 to make even more exciting artwork and get great songs like “Angels Tears” recorded and into the world’s consciousness.

This is a donation button if you feel like donating please do!
Thanks and have a happy holy and merry christmas